Dutch Cosplayer Rei Suzuki in Dubai


Rei Suzuki is a brazilian cosplayer based in the Netherlands who started cosplaying in 2005. Since then she has won several accolades including being the finalist at the 2019 WCS as well as the YCCI 2017 finalist. 

Her first cosplay was Lust from the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist. That same series brought her to represent the Netherlands in 2019 during the World Cosplay Summit together with her duo Kaoru Lily, where they participated as Edward Elric and Roy Mustang!

She also loves to cosplay many game characters, especially from Nintendo and tries different techniques with every project, but most specially, has fun by dressing up together with friends. 

She is currently in dubai for MEFCC 2020 as a celebrity cosplay judge alongside Kaoru Lily.

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